On the conditions in the Bulgarian Law of Obligations

Can a resolutory condition which constitutes action or inaction of the parties to a contract be agreed? Under Article 9 of the Obligations and Contracts Act: "The parties can freely determine the content of their contract as long as it does not contravene mandatory provisions of law and morality". It is therefore possible that parties agree...
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I. Acts and regulations for their application Bill amending and supplementing the Anti-Money Laundering Measures Act In SG Nr. 7 of 2021 was published the Law for amendment and supplement of the Law for the measures against washing of guards. In Art. 4 item 19 was repealed, thus the wholesalers dropped out of the obligated subjects under the...
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On 25.11.2020 Order Nr. RD-01-677/ 25.11.2020 was issued to the Minister of Health. The order introduces the following anti-epidemic measures: • Attended classes (including internships, internships, outsourced classes, exams, dual system of education) in schools and personal development support centers are suspended. • The holding of group extracurricular activities and activities, activities of interest, activities and others, organized...
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