Our values

Our Values & CSR

As a firm we are focused on people and the community – working to build trust between the different stakeholders: our clients, our business partners, shareholders and employees, promoting trust between our clients investing in Bulgaria and local communities and between us and the public.

At Tascheva & Partner we are committed to a culture of learning and achievement. We have created an environment which promotes team spirit and cooperation, where differences are valued and respected. Tascheva & Partner invests in the ongoing education and training of all its staff – lawyers, accountants, financial & tax experts and support staff.

This policy develops our staff as professionals but also helps with the development of the firm as a whole. At Tascheva & Partner our young team members are seen as a priority as they are the future of the firm.

Through our membership in a variety of professional organizations and legal associations our young lawyers have access to a wide range of learning opportunities such as the Academy of ALLIURIS, where internationally recognized lecturers engage participants in personal development and legal training to build and develop their knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Our highly collaborative culture contributes to a rich, engaging work atmosphere, which provides motivation and encourages innovative thinking. This results in insightful, powerful solutions to our clients’ problems and helps us deliver upon our mission – to be our clients’ trusted legal advisors and to provide the service excellence they deserve, tailored to their unique needs.

As a firm we regularly organize team building activities. In 2010 we marked the 20th anniversary of the firm by taking every member of staff to Germany to celebrate this milestone and to share in the success to which they continue to contribute.

Corporate Responsibility

As lawyers we are deeply aware of the contribution that the legal profession can and should make to society – of the benefits that the practice of law to the highest ethical standards can contribute to the development of the community as a whole.

As part of this ongoing commitment we contribute in material terms to the benefit of society as a whole through two main charitable activities.

Sponsorship for the New Symphony Orchestra

The New Symphony Orchestra is a unique cultural institution in Bulgaria. It was established in 1991 as Bulgaria moved away from state control and is funded as an alternative outlet for artistic expression reflecting the changes in society in Bulgaria.

Children in Need

We are committed to helping to improve the lives of children in orphanages and other fostering institutions of which there are all too many in Bulgaria at the moment. We help with fund raising and donations of the basic necessities that are most badly needed such as food and clothing.

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