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Our philosophy

We don’t just take assignments – we take responsibility!
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  • International

    Tascheva & Partner has always had an international focus to its work and this is reflected in its client base and practice. Our membership of a number of leading international legal organizations ensures that we remain on top of developments...

  • National

    Through its membership of leading business groups and communities, Tascheva & Partner has developed a wide network of professional contacts which can assist its clients in achieving their business aims.

Projects & Deals

  • Greenfield Investment

    During the period of transition to a market economy, greenfield investment in Bulgaria boomed with multinational corporations entering the market, setting up new operations and building new...

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers and acquisitions require in-depth legal and financial due diligence of the company being acquired – such analysis and investigation is essential for the correct evaluation of a target...